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Purchasing a property valuation? Here’s a real story to startle you

Most of the buyers of the property make a purchase once in 5 or 10 years. It is one of the most confusing things to buy a house property when there is no one to guide you. Worry no! A few tips are always parenting you on your way to making a smart buy. Whether you are purchasing a larger home for your growing happy family who needs more space to play with your pet or whether you need few tips on downsizing but near riverside to spend your last years of life together. Most of the purchasers have frequent with these questions, “where to find more information on the process and what is that we have to be ready with while making the purchase?”

There are, of course, many FAQs available by many advisories but it has to be kept in mind that it is a better option to consider opting for a Valuers or a settlement agent. Any purchase of a property can be like purchasing a milk packet from the countryside booth having the same quantity of milk, the same level of pasteurization or having allotted a bench in the school which is the same color and shape. All properties come in different shapes, different sizes, having various numbers of rooms with various types of flooring, colors and fitting and fixtures. What are the various dimensions a layman look into when comparing properties.

The height and size of the room, texture, color, and type of the paints, lighting of the rooms, the spacing between and within the rooms and thickness of the walls and beams are considered while buying a house and measuring for valuation or by the estate agents. Quality of the foundation laid and the possibilities of rebuilding and renovations or requirements of repairs are also factored to be looked into by a layman while seeking to buy a property. 

Sometimes even thinking that you have considered everything there may occur that you’re overlooking some crucial factors. In one case it happened so. Property buyer, who brought a Property Valuations Brisbane just recently, did not read the clauses properly. He did all the Valuation processes on his own. He took the help of a local estate agent not registered anywhere with the institute or having a license. This estate agent posed as if he knew everything about the place and a promising purchase was in his voice. When all of a sudden Mr. Duncan, exchanged contracts, paid for the property and bought the house and moved in it for the same. Mr. Duncan was shocked.  See More : http://www.brisbanepropertyvaluers.net.au

When the estate agent showed the property, it was having all the amenities that Mr. Duncan and his family needed. Be it an oven, a dishwasher, kitchen sink, storage facilities, wooden flooring, laminated sheets over the stove area, inbuilt chimney, royal red carpet in the bedroom area, shelves and even a double bed surprising all had disappeared. Mr. Duncan’s next feeling was that of being ditched, naturally! 

What could have gone wrong – is the only question gobbling Mr. Duncan’s peace. Mr. Duncan found neither the estate agent’s nor the seller’s new address was true. Mr. Duncan took out the Contract which was the only proof he had in his packet to find a reason for his peace. Mr. Duncan felt mixed emotions of regret, sorry state for his family who was overjoyed about the purchase made, angrier on the estate agent and the sellers as well as himself. Mr. Duncan checked that had he hired a Valuers or a Valuation solicitor he could have at least had a protected soliciting or even for this sake that the Valuation solicitor could have represented the case well and could have tracked down the ID or even filed a case against that estate agent Mr. Duncan can freely call as ‘cheater’! 

The best advice for many Mr. Duncans is simple: Hire anyone of them: A Valuation solicitor, a settlement agent or even a Valuers. They act as regulators in the canned juices protecting the pain any acidic reactions! After all, it is intelligence to pay for a few bare minimum prices for service for acquiring trust and testing trustworthiness for buying a property worth 60 times the service fees with a potential of threat.